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Top Reasons we are Panspermia and do not Know it

For those readers familiar with the Fermi paradox, panspermia and Von Neumann Probes you may skip this brief introduction to what they are, but note that I interchange panspermia and Von Neumann Probes freely here although I am aware that some find panspermia to suggest random chaos and Von Neumann Probes to imply intelligent design. … Continue reading


Born on the 100th anniversary of Robert Goddard and named in his honor (changed to Gabriel after gaining the nickname God) by a Space Lawyer and Satellite Communications pioneer; I have always had a romance with space.  In the early 90’s, when you could still see the stars at night in DC, I would have … Continue reading

How can seasteading end Somali piracy?

During the recent Seasteading Conference results of feasibility reports highlighted the benefits of different regions for proposed seasteads. Where some factors were favorable others were not, off the coast of East Africa is environmentally a very favorable location however the issue of piracy makes it forlorn. The seasteading institute’s mission is to inspire political competition. … Continue reading

The religion of h+

Also on IEET @ Is Transhumanism a Religion? Transhumanism is often accused of being a religion. It is rarely clear if this is meant as an insult, a compliment, or merely an observation. Probably all of the above have been used at different points in time, from different perspectives, which only adds to the hysteria. … Continue reading

Intelligent Design

Intelligent Design Above is a link to the unabridged version of Gabriel Rothblatt’s presentation on Genetic Engineering as a means for the advancement of Seasteading. Delivered during the lightning rounds at the 2012 Seasteading Conference in San Francisco, California’s Le Meridien Hotel.

Four Letter Word That Starts With “C”

Since I accepted the position of Pastor at the Terasem Movement Trans-religion I have heard a certain word much more frequently. When I begin describing ideas advocated in the Truths of Terasem a rather common refrain is heard: “sounds like a cult.” Always spoken with a hint of distaste, implying a lack of credibility or … Continue reading

Homo Sapiens and Humanity

What came first: the chicken or the egg? Don’t be foolish, the egg (a cell) will always come first. It is not necessary for a complex multi-cellular creature to discard a single cell in hopes of procreation. It is reasonable for one cell to undergo asexual reproduction or to mutate all together into a new … Continue reading

Resuscitative Ressurection

Nicolai Federov thought that humanity should have the goal of Resuscitative Resurrection. When this procedure becomes possible, who do you think we should resuscitate first? (Spoiler Alert: no easy answers) Before you begin to prioritize you must first begin with a criterion from which to judge the question. I am inclined to make the decision … Continue reading

Transhumanism: A good or evil?

Transhumanism: A good or evil?

The avid skeptic in me is still choking on this being a factual intercourse but let us roll with it anyways. Maria Montessori possibly the greatest educator the world has ever known, was told she could not become a Doctor, because she was a woman. After achieving this morally reprehensible act she went on to create a system of education which is now known to be the most effective way of educating children. This is not an isolated incident. Many of the most critical advancements have been achieved by people who were out to prove the world wrong: Jesus Christ, Alexander Graham Bell, Martin Luther King jr… Transhumanism is among these historical points of transition.
Transhumanism in popular criticism is seen as the inherent evil of enhancement. The repeating meme being “what if” someone did something bad with it. I respond “what if” no one was able to something good with it? I don’t subscribe to Islam-Christian theology but enjoy using what little logic they incorporate against their own arguments. If God made us imperfect and made the success of our eternal lives based on attaining a state of perfection, then did God mean for our lives to be a pursuit of enhancement? (Of course not good, bad, intent are attributes we assign, but flow with the logic of xenophobia.) Since God does clearly request that you pursue attaining the most good for others that you can with your own life, where is the line that transhumanism crosses and falls off the edge of our flat Earth? Don’t some people attempt great evil with the holy scriptures? Aren’t they only defeated by those choosing to use the same tools for good?

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