Posted in June 2012

Is transhumanism a misnomer?

As a community organizer for a transhumanist movement I have the great pleasure of meeting people from all walks of life and understanding their positions on the future. In a previous post to IEET, where I examined if transhumanism is a religion [1]  (it turns out that it actually is not, but facts rarely suppress … Continue reading

How can seasteading end Somali piracy?

During the recent Seasteading Conference results of feasibility reports highlighted the benefits of different regions for proposed seasteads. Where some factors were favorable others were not, off the coast of East Africa is environmentally a very favorable location however the issue of piracy makes it forlorn. The seasteading institute’s mission is to inspire political competition. … Continue reading

The religion of h+

Also on IEET @ Is Transhumanism a Religion? Transhumanism is often accused of being a religion. It is rarely clear if this is meant as an insult, a compliment, or merely an observation. Probably all of the above have been used at different points in time, from different perspectives, which only adds to the hysteria. … Continue reading