Top Reasons we are Panspermia and do not Know it

For those readers familiar with the Fermi paradox, panspermia and Von Neumann Probes you may skip this brief introduction to what they are, but note that I interchange panspermia and Von Neumann Probes freely here although I am aware that some find panspermia to suggest random chaos and Von Neumann Probes to imply intelligent design. … Continue reading


Born on the 100th anniversary of Robert Goddard and named in his honor (changed to Gabriel after gaining the nickname God) by a Space Lawyer and Satellite Communications pioneer; I have always had a romance with space.  In the early 90’s, when you could still see the stars at night in DC, I would have … Continue reading

Is transhumanism a misnomer?

As a community organizer for a transhumanist movement I have the great pleasure of meeting people from all walks of life and understanding their positions on the future. In a previous post to IEET, where I examined if transhumanism is a religion [1]  (it turns out that it actually is not, but facts rarely suppress … Continue reading

How can seasteading end Somali piracy?

During the recent Seasteading Conference results of feasibility reports highlighted the benefits of different regions for proposed seasteads. Where some factors were favorable others were not, off the coast of East Africa is environmentally a very favorable location however the issue of piracy makes it forlorn. The seasteading institute’s mission is to inspire political competition. … Continue reading

The religion of h+

Also on IEET @ Is Transhumanism a Religion? Transhumanism is often accused of being a religion. It is rarely clear if this is meant as an insult, a compliment, or merely an observation. Probably all of the above have been used at different points in time, from different perspectives, which only adds to the hysteria. … Continue reading

Intelligent Design

Intelligent Design Above is a link to the unabridged version of Gabriel Rothblatt’s presentation on Genetic Engineering as a means for the advancement of Seasteading. Delivered during the lightning rounds at the 2012 Seasteading Conference in San Francisco, California’s Le Meridien Hotel.


Today in IEET: Will robots one day capture our hearts? meanwhile on facebook… posts “I feel like a widow since my batteries died” Already the use of mechanics has deeply integrated itself into human sexuality. Against established trends it seems this genre is one market where female centric trends dominate. Female sales forces are … Continue reading

Four Letter Word That Starts With “C”

Since I accepted the position of Pastor at the Terasem Movement Trans-religion I have heard a certain word much more frequently. When I begin describing ideas advocated in the Truths of Terasem a rather common refrain is heard: “sounds like a cult.” Always spoken with a hint of distaste, implying a lack of credibility or … Continue reading